This page contains a variety of investment knowledge worthy of sharing. I frequently discuss these articles with my clients.

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Picking a Financial Professional

The Reality Check on Outperforming the Market

S&P’s Index vs. Active Analysis (SPIVA): What percentage of mutual funds outperform the market?

Is Efficient-Market Theory Becoming More Efficient? (The Economist, May 2017)

Investing Hot Shots Can’t Time, Either (Bloomberg Gadfly, Sep 2017)

Decreasing Effectiveness of Financial Models to Predict Stock Prices (CFA Institute, Nov 2017)

Beat the Field by Shooting Par (CFA Institute, June 2017)

The Psychology of Investing

The Mental Mistakes that Active Investors Make (Meir Statman, WSJ, Feb 2019)

The Thrill of Uncertainty (Collaborative Fund, Jan 2018)

Ten Insights from Berkshire Hathaway Weekend (Behavioral Value Investor, May 2017)

Poor Charlie’s Almanack (Charlie Munger’s book available through Amazon)

Where is Your Faith? (Daniel P. Egan, Feb 2018)

Smart Beta and Factor Investing

Explaining the Recent Failure of Value Investing (Baruch Lev and Anup Srivastava Oct 2019)

The Smart Beta (R)evolution (DoubleLine Capital, Q3 2019)

Fundamentals of Efficient Factor Investing (CFA Institute Nov 2017)

Stock Market Anomalies (Wall Street Journal, May 2017)

Harvard Management Company Factor-Based Asset Allocation Model (Oct 2017)

Your Complete Guide to Factor-Based Investing (Book available through Amazon)

Mutual Funds, ETFs, and Annuities

Hedge Funds and Private Equity

Gold as an investment

How to Buy Gold (Bottom Line, Feb 2017)

The New Gold Rush is All About Vaults (Bloomberg, June 2017)


The Wow Project (Tom Peters, Fast Company, May 1999)

Graduates – Be True Patriots (Michael Bloomberg, May 2017)

Never Walk By a Mistake (The Art of Manliness, Oct 2017)

The Power of (Admitting Your) Mistakes (Umair Haque, Nov 2017)

The 10 Things That Require Zero Talent (Jeremy Callahan on LinkedIn, May 2016)