Concho Investment Advisors is a professional financial advisor dedicated to helping organizations and families achieve their financial goals.

We’re changing the way people manage their finances.  Our holistic approach looks at the client’s  unique situation, bringing together asset management, tax planning, and estate planning to customize a plan for each client.  We create an Investment Policy Statement, setting the goals and expectations for ourselves and our clients.  We apply time-tested techniques perfected by the nation’s largest money managers, adjusting our approach to serve smaller institutions and families. We manage portfolios of low-cost, diversified investments and avoid timing the market.  Portfolio performance is measured using benchmarks and reports show progress toward achieving financial goals.

We put our clients first at Concho Investment Advisors.

The True Value of Our Experience

We combine a variety of life experiences to approach investing from a broad perspective.

Our institutional “buy-side” experience with banks and insurance companies enables us to create a diversified securities portfolio. However, the true value of this experience is understanding the Psychology of Investing, the unusual discipline, and the humility necessary to effectively manage investment portfolios.

Our institutional “sell-side” experience working with international investment banks in New York, Los Angeles, and Dallas help us understand the marketing of investment products. However, the true value of this experience is understanding the tricks of the trade regarding compensation and conflicts of interest inherent in institutional investing.

Our academic experience teaching investment management at the University of Texas provides the ability to critically evaluate relevant investment management concepts. However, the true value of this experience is our ability to communicate thoughts and ideas to both professional and novice investors.

Why We're Independent

I founded Concho Investment Advisors with the goal of providing my clients with the full truth in financial matters. It comes from my experience serving clients.

Ed Yale

I started my investment career as a sell-side bond analyst for investment banks serving the largest institutional investors in the country. That means I worked with salesmen to help them sell bonds – usually the most complicated bonds – to highly educated, highly compensated professionals. It’s an intense business because there’s a lot of money at stake.

Salesmen get paid a commission on every sale and are well compensated for their work – a single trade can easily make $10,000 or more. In many cases it’s a zero-sum game – the more money you make for yourself and your company, the less money the client makes. And sometimes telling the full truth would ruin your chances of getting the sale. As you can imagine, this creates an uncomfortable world where the line between helping yourself and helping the client becomes very blurry.

I always found myself helping wanting to do what’s fair, wanting to make sure my customers were completely informed before purchasing a product. Over time I began to understand my calling is to help people understand the truth, according to the principles I learned from my parents. That’s why I’m an independent financial advisor, where my fees are not influenced by the risk in the product. I earn a fee for providing solid financial advice which frees me from the demons of the financial world. I wouldn’t have it any other way.